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What is Orthodoxy

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The various Orthodox Churches are all sister Churches, all part of the One, Holy, Orthodox Catholic Church. Members of one are recognized as fellow Orthodox by the others, and welcome to receive the sacraments at the other Orthodox Churches and to become members of whatever Orthodox Church is convenient for them. Most Orthodox churches in America now have as members people of all ethnic backgrounds, including many converts, regardless of what "nationality" the parish has in its title. v
'''Article © by Fr. Theodore Pulcini. Used with permission. Originally posted at<br>'''<br><br>''The Reverend Theodore Pulcini is the pastor of St. Mary's Antiochian Orthodox Christian Church in Chambersburg, PA. He is also Assistant Professor of Religion at Dickinson College, Carlisle, PA. His teaching responsibilities focus on exploring the Biblical texts in their historical, social, and comparative contexts. He also specializes in Islam, early Christianity, and Eastern Orthodox Christianity. Research interests include relations between Islam and Christianity, both past and present. He writes: "St. Mary's in Cambridge Massachusetts is really my 'home parish.' I was a parishioner there before I was ordained, and then served as subdeacon and deacon there during the pastorate of Fr. Gregory Phelan, of blessed memory." <br>''
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