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Macarius II of Alexandria

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{{oriental}}On [[September 15]]/Tute 4) St. His Holiness '''Macarius II, of Alexandria''' was the 69th Patriach Patriarch of Alexandria 1122 A.D. departed this life.
He was pious and [[ascetic since his ]] from a young age, longing for the [[monasticism|monastic]] life. He went to the desert of Scete and became a [[monk]] in the [[monastery]] of St. Macarius. He devoted himself to worship and spiritual struggle. He instructed himself by reading the [[Holy Scriptures]], their interpretation and by contemplating on its meaning. He grew in virtues and was [[ordination|ordained]] a [[priest]].
When Abba [[Michael II of Alexandria|Mikhail]], the 68th [[Pope ]] of Alexandria, departed and the papal throne became vacant, a group of [[bishopsbishop]] s and priests [[priest]]s went into the wilderness of Scete. They assembled in the [[church]] with the elders of Scete. They remained there for many days, searching and scouting for who would be best for this position. Finally they unanimously agreed to choose this father Macarius for what was known of his good character and excellent attributes. They took him and bound him against his will, and he cried out and begged them with excuses to release him saying, "I am not fit to be raised to the dignity of the Papacy."
They brought him bound to the city of Alexandria and [[consecration of a bishop|ordained ]] him [[Patriarch]]. The deed of his appointment was read in the Church of Mu'allakah (The Church of the Holy Virgin) in the Greek, Coptic, and Arabic languages.
During his papacy, he added to his worship and piety. He taught and preached the people daily. He gave [[alms ]] and did works of [[mercy ]] to the poor and needy. During his papacy he never asked for any of the Church's money, but rather, he used to give a large portion of the contributions which he received to be spent on different righteous deeds. He completed 27 years in the papacy and departed in peaceon [[September 15]] ([[Coptic calendar|Thout 4]]) in 1122 A.D.
May his prayers be with us all. Amen.
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*[ The Departure of St. Macarius, 69th Pope of Alexandria]
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*[[w:Pope Macarius II of Alexandria|''Pope Macarius II of Alexandria'' at Wikipedia]]
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