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Lazar (Puhalo) of Ottawa

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*1991 Nov: After a search, the Monastery was able to acquire an illustrious property that the monastery rests on today. The property was named ''New Ostrog'', and the candle factory was dedicated to the protection of St Vasili of Ostrog.
*At some point, the Monastery moved under the omophorion of the schismatic [[Ukrainian Orthodox Church (Kiev Patriarchate)]]. Patriarch Volodymyr (Romaniuk) elevated Bp Lazar to Archbishop, and consecrated Fr Varlaam as Bishop of Vancouver.
*2003: Monastery received in into the [[Orthodox Church of in America ]] by [[oikonomia]]; Abp. Lazar received as a retired bishop with the title ''Archbishop of Ottawa''. Although in retirement from active hierarchal duties, Archbishop Lazar currently serves the Orthodox Church in America as the Civil Liaison for the Archdiocese of Canada with the Government of Canada.

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