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Hilarion the Great

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The memory of [[Hilarion the Great]] is celebrated on [[October 21]].
[[Saint]] [[Hialrion Hilarion the Great]] was born in 292 AD at Tabatha, a town near [[Gaza]] in [[Palestine]]. His family were pagans. He converted to [[Christianity]] and was [[baptised]] after studying in [[Alexandria]].
While he was in [[Egypt]] he became a [[disciple]] of [[Saint]] [[Anthony the Great]] an event which inspired him to devote himself entirely to the [[ascetic]] life.
When his parents died, he returned to [[Gaza]] and sold all of his inheritence, distributing all of his wealth to the poor. After this he departed for the [desert]] of [[Palestine]], devoting himself entirely to [[prayer]] and [[fasting]]. His [[ascetic]]ism was based on [[Saint]] [[Anthony the Great]]'s model. He fasted daily, eating only modest foods, lived in a hut made of reeds and practised unceasing [[prayer]]. [[God]] rewarded his spiritual efforts and bestowed upon him the [[grace]] to perform [[miraclesmiracle]]s. His fame spread throughout [[Palestine]] and it was not long before he fled these distractions and settled eventually in [[Cyprus]].
[[Saint]] [[Hilarion the Great]] departed from this world in 372 AD at age of 80.

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