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Paraskeve the New

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[[Image:Paraskevi.jpg|thumb|right|Saint Paraskeve the New]]
'''PARASKEVE (rom. Parascheva, hbs. Petka) also called 'the New' or 'the Young'''', Saint, celebrated on [[October 14]].
Born in Epivat (Thrace – Byzantium, near Constantinople) in 11th century, Paraskeve was of noble origin. She heard in her childhood, from her pious parents, the words of the Gospel that said that everyone who wants to follow the Lord Jesus must give up everything for it. When her parents died, while still young in years, she gave up the world for the "desert", first dedicating her life entirely to God through prayer and fasting, and then undertaking ascetic struggles in the desert of Jordan.
She is especially beloved by the Orthodox peoples of Serbia, Bulgaria, Romania and Moldavia where her holy [[relics]] are kept in the church of the [[Three Hierarchs]], Iaşi, Romania.
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