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Timeline of Orthodoxy in New Zealand

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Local Born Clergy Flourish (2000-''present'')
::Oct: Bishop [[Amphilochios (Tsoukos) of New Zealand|Amphilochios (Tsoukos)]] elected Metropolitan of New Zealand.
::Nov: [[Monastery of St. Andrew the First-called (Miramar, New Zealand)|Monastery of St Andrew]] founded.
::Dec: Fr Archpriest Ilyan Eades again declines an offer to join the Greek Orthodox Metropolis of New Zealand, with full-time salary to be paid by Greek government.
::Dec 4: [[John Hubbard]] ordained to the diaconate to serve at St George Church (Antiochian) in Auckland.
*2006 May: Sixth Clergy Conference of Australia and New Zealand (Antiochian) held in Wollongong, NSW, Australia. New Zealand deanery meeting in Wollongong presided over by Met. Abp Paul has wide-ranging discussions for the future of the Orthodox Church in New Zealand. Further discussions held in plenary session at the Sixth Clergy Conference in Wollongong, Australia.

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