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Nicephorus I of Constantinople

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{{cleanup}}Our father among the saints '''Nicephorus I''' (also ''Nikephoros''), the [[Confessor]], was the [[Patriarch]] of Constantinople during the era of [[iconoclasm|iconoclastic]] disputes during the early ninth century. His [[feast day]] is celebrated on [[June 2]], and the translation of his [[relics]] from Prokonnis to Constantinople on [[March 13]].
==Life=={{stub}}St. Nicephorus was born about 758 and died in 828. Like his namesake and fellow-historian Gregoras five centuries later, he sacrificed his position in the defense of Orthodox doctrine against [[heresy]] and the Orthodox conscience against dictation from the state. His patriarchate (806-815) was marked, and terminated, by the reaction instigated by Leo V against the restoration of veneration of religious images. His principal works are three writings against iconoclasm.
[[Troparion]] ([[Tone]] 3)[]
:Your inspired confession gained victory for the Church,
:O holy [[Hierarch ]] Nicephorus.:You suffered unjust exile through reverence for the [[icon ]] of God the Word.
:O righteous Father,
:Pray to Christ our God to grant us his great mercy!
Troparion (Tone 4)[]
:Christ the Truth of All has shown you to your flock as a model of faith,
:An image of [[meekness ]] and a teacher of [[abstinence]].:You attained [[heaven ]] through [[humility]]
:And acquire riches through poverty.
:O holy Father Nicephorus,
:Intercede with Christ to save our souls.
[[Kontakion]] (Tone 4)[]:You received from God the victor’s victor's crown;
:Now save those who faithfully honor you
:As a hierarch and teacher of Christ!
 {{start box}}{{succession|before=[[Tarasius of Constantinople|Tarasius]]|title=[[List of Patriarchs of Constantinople|Patriarch of Constantinople]]|years=806 – 815|after=[[Theodotus I of Constantinople|Theodotus I]]}}{{end box}}==External links==*[ Translation of the relics of St Nicephorus the Patriarch of Constantinople] ([[OCA]])*[ St Nicephorus the Confessor the Patriarch of Constantinople] (OCA)*[ Nikephoros the Confessor, Patriarch of Constantinople] ([[GOARCH]])*"Nicephorus" in ''New Schaff-Herzog Encyclopedia of Religious Knowledge'', Vol. VIII, pp. [ 158]-[ 159] at the Christian Classics Ethereal Library*[[w:Ecumenical Patriarch Nikephoros I of Constantinople|''Ecumenical Patriarch Nikephoros I of Constantinople'' at Wikipedia]] [[Category: Saints]][[Category: Patriarchs of Constantinople]][[Category: Bishops]]
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