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Unlike the belief of the [[Church]] which teaches that itself, as Christ’s spouse, is the ‘New Jerusalem’ New Jerusalem and God’s chosen people through its union with [[Jesus Christ]], Dispensationlists Dispensationalists believe that the Christian Church is an interruption in God’s divine contract with the Jewish people. They believe that the [[Gospel ]] began to be preached to the Gentiles, however, God’s continued care for the Jewish people will be revealed after the end of the “Church’s Dispensation,” when the Jews shall be restored to their land, and they shall accept Christ as the [[Messiah]]. Hence, Dispensationalists believe that there is one mode of salvation for Gentiles, and another for Jews. This goes against the [[soteriology]] taught by the Church, which says that Christ came to save all regardless of ethnic background.
Because of this, many Dispensationalists are advocates of Zionism, the Jewish nationalist movement.
Some Christian Dispensationalists have taken to not only supporting the state of Israel, but also observing traditional Jewish holidays, keeping Kosher standards, and practicing Jewish religious rituals. It should be noted that this practice has been condemned by the [[Apostles|Holy Apostles]] (especially in [[Apostle Paul|Paul's]] [[Epistle]] to the [[Galatians]]) and [[Church Fathers]] throughout the centuries, including [[Ignatius of Antioch]] and [[John Chrysostom]], both of whom were ardent opponents of ''Judaizing''.
Dispensationalists also advocate other questionable teachings, especially in their interpretation of eschatology. For example, many believe in the Rapture, an event occurring before the Second Coming of Christ where all Christians of true belief are assumed into Heaven, and the Time of Tribulation, a period ruled by a draconian, Satanic-possessed demonic figure called the Antichrist, where those who were not taken up must find correct belief before the [[Book of Revelation|Final Judgment]].

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