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===Hagar and Ishmael===
[[image:Rublev Trinity.jpg|left|thumb|Rublev's famous icon of three angels, a type of the Holy Trinity, appearing to Abraham and Sarah.]]Sarai is still childless in her old age, so Sarai and Abram decide that they will produce an heir for Abram through his Egyptian handmaiden, Hagar. Abram takes her as a concubine and has a child with her named Ishmael. God again appears to Abram and enters into a personal covenant securing Abram's future: God promises numerous progeny, including one to Sarah within a year, changes Abram's name to "[[Abraham]]" and that of Sarai to "[[Righteous Sarah|Sarah]]," and institutes the circumcision of all males as an eternal sign of this covenant. This meeting, in which three angels appear to Abraham and Sarah, is the subject of [[Andrei Rublev]]'s famous icon, called either ''The Hospitality of Abraham'' or simply ''The Trinity''.
===Sodom and Gomorrah===
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