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<div style="float:right;margin-left:1em">
[[Image:Rublev Trinity.jpg|100px|The Holy Trinity]]
</div>[[Hieromartyr]] Methodius, [[Bishop]] of Patara (or , bishop of Olympus); Martyrs Aristocleus [[presbyter]], Demetrian [[deacon]], and Athanasius [[reader]], of Cyprus(see also [[June 23]]); Martyrs Inna, Pinna, and Rimma, [[disciple]]s of [[Apostle Andrew]] in Scythia; Saint Leucius, Bishop of Brindisi; Holy Prince Gleb Andreevich; Saint Nahum of Ochrid; Saint [[Kallistos I of Constantinople|Kallistos]] Xanthopoulos, [[Patriarch]] of Constantinople; Saint [[Nicholas Cabasilas]]; Saint Govan, [[Hermit]] of Pembrokeshire; translation of the [[relics]] and garments of [[Apostles]] [[Apostle Luke|Luke]], [[Apostle Andrew|Andrew]], and [[Apostle Thomas|Thomas]], the [[Prophet]] Elisha, and Martyr Lazarus, to the Church of the Holy Apostles in Constantinople; translation of the relics of Saint Gurias, [[Archbishop]] of Kazan<noinclude>[[Category:Calendar day templates|June 20]]</noinclude>
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