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Eastern Catholic Churches

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The '''Eastern Catholic Churches''' Churches are churches that follow the ancient liturgical traditions of the East, while being in [[full communion]] with the [[Roman Catholic Church]] and placing themselves under the ultimate authority of the [[Pope|Bishop of Rome]]. Some of these churches, like the [[Orthodox Church]], follow the Byzantine tradition, while others follow other liturgical traditions. The history of each Eastern Rite Catholic church is unique, some having sided with Rome at the time of the [[Great Schism]] and some being joined to Rome after that time. They are sometimes referred to as '''Uniates''', a term which many Eastern Catholics reject as derrogatory. Many of these churches have a direct non-Catholic (usually [[Orthodox Church|Orthodox]] or [[Oriental Orthodox|Oriental]]) counterpart. Others exist only within the Catholic Communion. ==List of Eastern Catholic Churches== ===Byzantine Rite (also '''Greek Catholic''') Churches=== *Albanian Catholic Church (Latin rite hierarchy)*Greek Catholic Church*Belarusan Catholic Church (Latin rite hierarchy)*Bulgarian Catholic Church*Byzantine-Ruthenian Catholic Church*Byzantine Catholics of Former Yugoslavia*Georgian Catholic Church (Latin rite hierarchy)*Hungarian Catholic Church*Italo-Albanian Catholic Church*Melkite Greek Catholic Church*Romanian Catholic Church*Russian Catholic Church (Latin rite hierarchy)*Slovak Catholic Church*Ukrainian Catholic Church ===Non-Byzantine Eastern Rite Catholic Churches=== *Armenian Catholic Church*Chaldean Catholic Church*Coptic Catholic Church ([ official Web site])*Ethiopian Catholic Church*Maronite Catholic Church*Syrian Catholic Church*Syro-Malabar Catholic Church*Syro-Malankara Catholic Church ==History=====Second Council of Lyons (1274)======Council of Ferrara-Florence (1439)======Union of Brest (1596)======Orientalium Ecclesiarum (Vatican II)=== ==Eastern Catholic Theology==  ==Relationships with the Orthodox Churches== ==Eastern Catholic Churches with Counterparts in Non-Catholic Churches== The following Eastern Rite Catholic Churches have "counterparts" in the [[Orthodox Church|Orthodox]] Communion. The counterpart is listed in parenthesis.  *Albanian Catholic Church ([[Church of Albania]])*Bulgarian Catholic Church ([[Church of Bulgaria]])*Greek Catholic Church ([[Church of Constantinople]]/[[Church of Greece]])*Georgian Catholic Church ([[Church of Georgia]])*Melkite Catholic Church ([[Church of Antioch]])*Romanian Catholic Church ([[Church of Romania]])*Russian Catholic Church ([[Church of Russia]])*Ukrainian Catholic Church ([[Church of Ukraine]]) The following Eastern Rite Catholic Churches have "counterparts" in the [[Oriental Orthodox]] Churches. The counterpart is listed in parenthesis. *Armenian Catholic Church ([[Church of Armenia]])*Chaldean Catholic Church*Coptic Catholic Church ([[Coptic|Coptic Church]])*Ethiopian Catholic Church*Maronite Catholic Church*Syrian Catholic Church (Church of Syria)*Syro-Malabar Catholic Church*Syro-Malankara Catholic Church The following Eastern Catholic Churches have no counterpart either among the Chalcedonian Orthodox or the Oriental Orthodox. *Maronite Catholic Church*Italo-Albanian Catholic Church ==For More Information== * <i>Against False Union</i> by Alexandre A. Kalomiros (ISBN 0913026700)* <i>American Eastern Catholics</i> by Fred J. Saato (ISBN 0-8091-4378-X)* <I>The Byzantine Rite: A Short History</I> by Robert Taft (ISBN 0814621635)* <I>Eastern Catholics in the United States of America</I> by the [ U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops] (ISBN 1574552872)* <i>The Eastern Catholic Churches: An Introduction to Their Worship and Spirituality</i> by Joan L. Roccasalvo (ISBN 0814620477)* <i>The Other Catholics: Obedient and Faithful</I> by Joseph Bonchonsky (ASIN B0006OZUJQ) ==External links== *[ Introduction to Eastern Christian Churches, Catholic Near East Welfare Agency]*[ Orientalium Ecclesiarum] by Pope Paul VI*[ St. Michael's Russian Catholic Church], New York, NY*[ An Unofficial Directory of Eastern Catholic Churches in the U.S.]*[ The Byzantine (Ruthenian) Catholic Church in America]*[ The Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church]*[ Maronite Catholic Church of Australia]*[ Melkite Catholic Church of Australia]*[ Syro-Malankara Catholic Church] {{stub}} [[Category:Non-Orthodox]]Gay

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