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[[Image:Transfiguration.jpg|right|frame|The Transfiguration of Christ]]
The '''Transfiguration''' of Christ is one of the [[Great Feasts]] of the [[Orthodox Church]], celebrated on [[August 6]] and August 19 (according to [[Old Calendarists]]), using the [[Gregorian Calendar]], [[Julian Calendar]], and [[Revised Julian Calendar]].
[[Jesus Christ|Jesus]] had gone with his disciples [[Apostle Peter|Peter]], [[Apostle James (son of Zebedee)|James]], and [[Apostle John|John]] to [[Mount Tabor]]. Christ's appearance was changed while they watched into a glorious radiant figure. There appeared [[Elijah]] and [[Moses]], speaking with Jesus. The disciples were amazed and terribly afraid.
This event shows forth the divinity of Christ, so that the disciples would understand after his Ascension that He was truly the radiant splendor of the [[God the Father|Father]], and that his Passion was voluntary ([[Gospel of Mark|Mark]] 9:2-9). It also shows the possibility of our own [[theosis]].
This event was the subject of some debates between [[Gregory Palamas]] and [[Barlaam of Calabria]]. Barlaam believed that the light shining from Jesus was created light, while Gregory maintained the disciples were given [[grace]] to perceive the uncreated light of God. This supported Gregory's larger argument that although we cannot know God in His ''essence'', we can know Him in his ''energies'', as He reveals Himself.
Accounts of the Transfiguration are found in the [[Bible]]: [[Gospel of Matthew|Matthew]] 17:1-8, [[Gospel of Mark|Mark]] 9:2-9, [[Gospel of Luke|Luke]] 9:28-36, and [[II Peter]] 1:16-19.
==Celebration of the feast ==
Like all feasts of the Master, the Transfiguration is a vigil-ranked feast, though in parish practice a full [[All-Night Vigil]] is usually not celebrated. Typically, [[Great Vespers]] is conducted on the eve of the feast, and on the morning of the feast, the [[Divine Liturgy]] of Saint [[John Chrysostom]] celebrated, traditionally preceded by the [[Matins]] service.
The Vespers service includes the readings: [[Exodus]] 24:12-18, 33:11-23, 34:4-6, 8; [[I Kings]] 19:3-9, 11-13, 15-16. The Matins service includes the reading: [[Luke]] 9:28-36. And the Divine Liturgy: [[II Peter]] 1:10-19; [[Gospel of Matthew|Matthew]] 17:1-9.
It is believed that Christ's transfiguration took place at the time of the Jewish Festival of Booths, and that the celebration of the event in the Christian Church became the [[New Testament]] fulfillment of the [[Old Testament]] feast. Presently it is celebrated on the sixth of August, forty days before the feast, [[Elevation of the Holy Cross]]. Just as Peter, James, and John saw the transfiguration before the crucifixion so that they might know who it is who will suffered for them, the Church connects these two feasts to help the faithful understand the mission of Christ and that his suffering was voluntary.
The feast of the Transfiguration of Christ once belonged to the season of [[Great Lent]], but may have been considered too joyous for that time. Saint [[Gregory Palamas]], a great teacher of the Transfiguration, is now celebrated on one of the Sundays of Lent instead.
== Traditions ==
:And would proclaim to the world,
:That You are truly the Radiance of the Father!
===Forefeast hymns===
Troparion (Tone 4)
:Come, you faithful, let us welcome the Transfiguration of Christ,
:And let us joyfully cry as we celebrate the prefeast:
:"The day of holy gladness has come;
:The Lord has ascended Mount Tabor
:To radiate the beauty of His divinity."
Kontakion (Tone 4)
:Podoben: “Today You have shown forth...”
:Today all mortal nature shines with the divine Transfiguration
:And cries with exultation:
:"Christ the Savior is transfigured to save us all!"
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