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Daniel (Ciobotea) of Romania

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| subject_name = Daniel Ciobotea (His Eminence Daniel) <br> Interim Patriarch of Romania|
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date_of_birth = {{birth date|1951|07|22}}|
place_of_birth = [[Dobreşti]], [[Timiş County]]|
'''Daniel Ciobotea''' is the Metropolitan of Moldova and Bukovina, part of the [[Romanian Orthodox Church]] and interim Patriarch of [[Romania]].
His Eminence Doctor Daniel Ciobotea was born on the 22nd of [[July]]22, [[1951]] in the village of Dobreşti, Bara Commune, [[Timiş County]], as the 3rd son in the family of teacher Alexie and Stela Ciobotea.
He followed the [[Education in Romania|Primary School]] primary school in his home village ([[1958]] - [[1962]]) and the [[Education in Romania|Gymnasium]] gymnasium in Lăpuşnic village ([[1962]] - [[1966]]), [[Timiş County]]. In [[1966]] he begins the [[Education in Romania|High high School]] courses in [[Buziaş]], which he then continues in [[Lugoj]], at the "Coriolan Brediceanu" [[High School]] ([[1967]] - [[1970]]).
After passing his baccalaureate exam, he then joins the University Theological Institute in Sibiu (1970 - 1974), where he obtains the License in Theology at the discipline [[New Testament]].
During the period [[1974]] - [[1976]] he follows the [[Education in Romania|Doctorate]] doctoral courses at the Universitary University Theological Institute in [[Bucharest]], Systematic Section, under the suppervision supervision of Priest Proffesor Profesor Doctor [[Dumitru Stăniloae]]; he continues his studies over the seas: two years at the Protestant Theology Faculty of the [[University of Human Studies]] in [[Strasbourg]] and another two years at the [[Albert Ludwigs University of Freiburg|Albert Ludwig University]] in [[Freiburg im Breisgau]], Catholic Theology Faculty.
On the 15th of [[June]], [[1979]] he sustains his [[Doctorate]] Thesis doctorate thesis at the Protestant Theology Faculty in [[Strasbourg]], intitledentitled: "Réflexion et vie chrétiennes aujourd'hui. Essai sur le rapport entre la théologie et la spiritualité, VII ^ 424 p." (''Christian refflection reflection and life today. Essay on the report between theology and spirituality, VII ^ 424 pgs.'') The Thesis has been prepared under the suppervision of two well-known french proffesorsFrench profesors: [[Gerard Ziegwald]] and [[André Benoit]] and it has received the maximum qualificativequalification. Thus he becomes [[Doctor]] of the [[Strasbourg University]].
A more developed forme form of this Thesis thesis was prepared under the guidance of his mentor, Father [[Dumitru Stăniloae]] and it was sustained on the 31st of [[October]] [[31, 1980]] at the Universitary University Theological Institute in [[Bucharest]] under the title: "Teologie şi spiritualitate creştină. Raportul dintre ele şi situaţia actuală" (''Theology and Christian spirituality. The report between them and the current situation'').
By passing the oral exam and by sustaining the Thesisthesis, Doctorand '''Dan - Ilie Ciobotea''' was declared [[Doctor]] in [[Orthodoxism|Othodox Orthodox Theology]], obtaining maximum pointage.
In [[1987]] he enters the [[monachism]] monastic life in the '''Sihăstria Monastery''' under the name Daniel, having as "monachal his monastic godfather" the famous Father '''Cleopa Ilie'''.
==Offices and Honors==

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