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Silouan the Athonite

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[[Image:silouanicon.jpg|[[Icon]] of St Silouan the Athonite|thumb|right]]
The venerable '''Silouan the Athonite''' (also known as '''Silouan of Mount Athos''') is remembered by the Church on [[September 24]].
[[Image:silouantheathonite.jpg|St Silouan the Athonite|thumb|left]]
[[Image:silouanicon.jpg|[[Icon]] of St Silouan the Athonite|thumb|right]]'''Saint Silouan''' was born Simeon Ivanovich Antonov in 1866 to Russian Orthodox parents who came from the village of Sovsk in Russia's Tambov region. At the age of twenty-seven he left his native Russia and came to [[Mount Athos]], where he became a [[monk]] at the [[St. Panteleimon's Monastery (Athos)|Monastery of St. Panteleimon ]] and was given the name ''Silouan'', the Russian version of the [[Bible|Biblical]] name Silvanus.
An ardent [[ascetic]], he received the grace of unceasing [[prayer]] and saw [[Christ]] in a vision. After long years of spiritual trial, he acquired great [[humility]] and inner stillness. He prayed and wept for the whole world as for himself, and he put the highest value on love for enemies. Thomas Merton, a twentieth-century [[Roman Catholic|Catholic]] monk, described Silouan as β€œthe most authentic monk of the twentieth century.” St Silouan died on [[September 24]], 1938. His memory is celebrated the same day.
Though barely literate, he was sought out by pilgrims for his wise counsel. His writings were edited by his disciple and pupil, [[Archimandrite Sophrony]]. Father Sophrony has written the life of the saint along with a record of St. Silouan's teachings in the book ''Saint Silouan the Athonite''.
[[Troparion]] ([[Tone]] 4)
:On the path of humility,
:By your prayers you received Christ as your Master.
:In your heart the Holy Spirit witnessed to your salvation.
:Therefore all people called to live in hope rejoice and celebrate your memory!
:Holy Father Silouan, pray to Christ God to save our souls.
Troparion (Tone 2)
:O all-blessed Father Silouan,
:Flaming zealot of the seraphim's love for the Lord
:And fervent imitator of Jeremiah who wept for the people,
:Hearing the call of the Mother of the Lord of Hosts,
:With wise courage you spewed out the sinful serpent
:And withdrew from the snares of the world to the mountain of Athos,
:Where in labors and prayer, joined with tears,
:In abundance you acquired the grace of the holy Spirit with which our hearts are enflamed.
:Being strengthened by you, we cry out with compunction:
:My Lord, my Life and the Joy of your saint,
:Save the world and us from all cruel things!
[[Kontakion]] (Tone 8)
:During your life on earth you served Christ and followed His path;
:Now in Heaven you contemplate Him Whom you have loved!
:Since you dwell with Him as He promised to His elect, holy Father Silouan,
:Instruct us now in the path that you have traveled.
Kontakion (Tone 2)
:O Silouan, beloved of God,
:Truly amazing preacher of humility
:And radiance warmed by the love for mankind of the Holy Spirit:
:The Russian Church rejoices in your labors.
:All monks on the Athonite mountain
:And all Christian people are rejoicing as well,
:Turning themselves towards God with the love of children.
:Beseech Him for us, you who have seen God and are equal to the angels,
:That burning with your love our souls may be saved.
*''Saint Silouan the Athonite'' by [[Archimandrite Sophrony]]. Publisher: St. Vladimir's Seminary Press. ISBN-10: 0881411957.

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