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[[Image:Rublev Trinity.jpg|100px|The Holy Trinity]]
</div>[[Hieromartyr]] Athenogenes, [[Bishop]] of Heracleopolis, and his ten [[disciple]]s; [[Martyr]]s Paul and two sisters, Chionia (Thea) and Alevtina (Valentina), at Caesaria in Palestine; Martyr Antiochus, physician of Sebaste; Martyr Faustus; Virgin Martyr Julia of Carthage; 1015 Martyrs of Pisidia; Martyr Athenogenes; New-Martyr John of Trnovo; [[Saint]] Plechelm, Bishop of Odilienberg; Saint Tenenan, Bishop of Leon; Martyr Hermit Hilier of Jersey. '''Other events:''' repose of Fr. [[Habeeb Kheshy]] (martyred by Muslims in 1948) and Elder Theodore of Glinsk [[Hermitage]]
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