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Bishoy (Nicola) of Damietta

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A "controversial" figure: Ref: Letter of late Bishop Gregorios to Anba Bishoy (1985)
==A "controversial" figure==
Despite His Eminence's very active and commendable involvement in fruitful ecumenical dialogues with other Churches (leading the representation of the Coptic Orthodox Church in these dialogues), he is frequently criticized by many because of his rather strong words against non-Orthodox Churches (and the [[salvation]] of their faithful),<sup>[ Arabic audio excerpt]</sup> and also against those whom he labels as [[heretic]]s or [[heterodox]] over dogmatic matters he disagrees with.<sup>[]</sup>
In March 2007, the Roman Catholic Church and the Protestant Churches in Egypt officially and publicly protested in the newsmedia against Metropolitan Bishoy's teachings that Catholics and Protestants will not be saved. The issue was widely covered in the mainstream secular newsmedia in Egypt, e.g., [ this Egyptian newspaper article] and [ this second one from the same newspaper] (both articles are in Arabic).

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