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Zlata of Meglen

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The holy and glorious [[Martyr ]] '''Zlata of Meglen''' is remembered for defending her faith as a Christian.
Zlata was born in the eighteenth century of poor peasant parents in the village of Slatina, in the province of Meglen, to a poor, peasant family with three other daughters. She was a meek and devout girl, wise in the wisdom of Christ and golden in both name and God-fearing heart.
Once when Zlata went out to get water, some shameless Turks seized her and took her to their home. When one of them urged her to become a Muslim and be his wife, Zlata fearlessly replied: "I believe in Christ, and Him alone do I know as my [[Bridegroom]]. I will never deny Him, even though you subject me to a thousand tortures and cut me into pieces".

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