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Orthodoxy in the Philippines

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Greek Orthodox Christians and the Rebirth of Orthodoxy: placed the correct and exact date of the reception of the first Filipino converts to Orthodoxy as documented by Dr. Fr. John Chryssavgis.
'''Reception of the first Filipino converts to Orthodoxy'''
In 1992On April 20, 1990, a Filipino [[hieromonk]], Fr. Vincentius Escarcha (a former Benedictine Abbot and a Roman Catholic priest for more than 20 years in Bajada, Cataingan, Masbate island), together with four nuns and faithful members of his community, were received into the Orthodox Church by Metropolitan [[Dionysios (Psiahas) of Proussa|Dionysios]] of the [[Greek Orthodox Metropolis of New Zealand]] and assisted by [[Sotirios (Trambas) of Korea|Bishop Sotirios of Zelon]].
On January 19, 1994, Metropolitan Dionysius, assisted by Bishop Sotirios, received by [[Chrismation|Holy Chrismation]] several Filipino Christians in Manila.

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