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template creation
{{ #ifeq: {{{resize|92%}}} | 100% | <references/> | <div style="font-size:92%"><references/></div> }}<noinclude>

{{mergeto|Reflist|Template talk:Reflist#Merge from FootnotesSmall}}

This template inserts the following (calculated on an over-all css size reduction to 100%):

<nowiki>{{ #ifeq: {{{resize|92%}}}
| 100%
| <references/>
| <div style="font-size:92%"><references/></div> }}</nowiki>

The template '''should no longer be used with a "subst:"'''

The parameter (name: '''resize''' - default: '''92%''') reduces the size of the font of the footnotes text, <s>e.g. <nowiki>{{FootnotesSmall|resize=90%}}</nowiki> would reduce the size of the footnotes text to 90% of its usual size.</s> → Currently, <nowiki>{{FootnotesSmall|resize=100%}}</nowiki> gives the text the same size as elsewhere on the page, and all other values of the parameter (or no value) change the size to 92% of the lettering size on the rest of the page.

For readability it is however only exceptionally advised to reduce lettering size of footnotes, and not below 90%.<!-- Note also that the MoS ([[WP:MOS#Formatting issues]]) has "Formatting issues such as font size [...] should not be dealt with in articles except in special cases", and that there is no consensus that footnotes would be an overall "special case" in this sense. (this doesn't apply when the caret is used as a symbol:) Also, note that reducing size can break the arrow rendering in browsers like IE. -->

So, do ''not'' use {{tl|FootnotesSmall}}, unless you're able to gain consensus that "special case" can be invoked for the article where you apply the template.

This template no longer contains a "help:" comment: '''preferably use {{tls|Footnotes}}, which can be used with a resizing parameter too (unnamed in that case!), but displays the help message'''

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