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Copyright concerns: - Image
Welcome Caedda! I'm a little worried that your articles taken verbatim from other sources -- I couldn't find a parallel for the St. Chad article, but the text in [[Cedd]] seems to match almost exactly. It's very important that we cite sources and only use what is legal for us to use (and release under our default [[OrthodoxWiki:Copyrights|copyright]] arrangement. If the articles are not properly attributed and rewritten, I'm afraid I'll have to delete them, as much as I'd love to have articles here on these two saints. Thank you, — [[User:FrJohn|<b>FrJohn</b>]] ([ talk]) 05:56, June 7, 2007 (PDT)
:Also for the image [[:Image:Chadgeorgeinfo.jpg]] - I assume you have permission from or represent the St. George Institute to allow the image to be posted here? Because OrthodoxWiki is designed so that the articles can be republished/reused for Christian education, etc., it would be helpful if we were able to obtain permission to use this image under a [ Creative Commons] license. If use is restricted to OrthodoxWiki, this needs to be more clearly spelled out too. Thanks again, — [[User:FrJohn|<b>FrJohn</b>]] ([ talk]) 06:00, June 7, 2007 (PDT)
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