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Orthodoxy in the Philippines

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The beginnings of Christianity in the Philippines
[[Image:Magellan's_Cross.jpg‎|left|thumb|Replica of Magellan's cross planted in Cebu in 1521]]Christianity was first introduced to the Philippines in the 16th century by Spain, when the Philippines became its colony. Until the Philippine Revolution of 1896, it was illegal for any non-[[Roman Catholic]] church to establish itself in the Philippines. The Archbishop of Manila served as both representative of the Spanish Inquisition and, during the absence of the governor-general, the Spanish Crown.
After fighting a bloody revolution against Spain, the Philippines then fought another war for its independence against the United States. However, the Philippines was annexed by the United States in 1898 and remained a colony until 1946. Religious tolerance was then institutedduring the American colonial regime. The new American governor-generals then encouraged the spread of the [[Anglican Communion|Episcopal Church]] through government donations of land.
== Orthodoxy in the Philippines ==

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