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Orthodoxwiki in Greek
Father bless. I have to apologise for my English and I'll like to ask you what i have to do to create the greek version of the Orthodoxwiki?
Your blesses and I hope for the success of the progect--[[User:Adolapts|Adolapts]] 04:34, May 8, 2007 (PDT)
== ECOF ==
Binecuvinteaze parinte,
I think it is quite important to inform readers about the situation as it is. And, in France, all the canonical Orthodoxy considers ECOF being non-canonical, and bishop Germain deposed. You can ask every diocese, the A.E.O.F, St Serge Institute...
When a laity come to join a canonical diocese, what happens ? If he was a member of ECOF after 1993, he receive anointment of Myrron, the sacrament of Confirmation or "Chrismation" as in baptisma. And then only he can receive holy gifts.
If it is a member of ECOF clergy after 1993, he is examinated by a canonical commission, and if there is no problems, is ordained by a canonical bishop.
That clearly means that for Orthodox Church in France (canonical one), ECOF is non-canonical and its sacraments after 1993 have no value.
It does not mean that situation is fair, that Germain and ECOF were wrong, but that's the situation, as it is.
Most, to say the truth, nearly all french orthodoxs were formed and instructed by ECOF, french traductions were done by ECOF, and still of a very high quality. Contribution of ECOF to French Orthodoxy is enormous and well known. There are ex-members of ECOF in all dioceses of canonical churches established in France, most french priests come from ECOF. French orthodoxs still grateful to ECOF, its foundators like bishop Jean, Maxime Kovalevsky (his litugical chant is still used for instance in Romanian Deanery)and all the work done.
Bishop Marc (Alric), vicar of Metropolitan Joseph, was a member of ECOF!
So, every body knows the true story of ECOF, and the subject stills touchy and painful to many french orthodoxs.
That 's why we cannot, to my opinion, let false or incomplete informations about its canonical status written.
People who want to join ECOF must know the truth, and choose to embrase the situation of canonical isolation, the western rite, difficulties about M.Germain must be accepted and so on. They can choose to fight this situation, by considering like fr Lev ECOF is right.
Forgive me and pray for me,
Glikerie of Neamt.
== content on wikipedia ==

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