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Victor Pokrovsky

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In time the choir recognized this discipline and personally came to Victor to acknowledge their understanding of his intent. Victor worked carefully on the timing and the flow of the services. He would coordinate tones with the [[clergy]] so that they and the choir would be in harmony. Yet, during the service he would quickly adjust the choir's pitch to fit the intonation of the clergy when necessary. For Victor, the services were a whole, not a bunch of pieces. In this even Metropolitan Sergius was careful, often heard coordinating on which Cherubic hymn version Victor would be singing that day so that he could decide his pitch.
The choir's repertory expanded quickly. They sang the music of Tchaikovsky, Smolensky, Strokin, Chesnokov, Arkhangelsky, and Kastolsky. Some years later, thanks to his pupil Tito Kato, Victor's music was published in Osaka. There were some 75 titles, and many of them, for example, SmolenskySmolensky�?'s ''Paschal Stichera'', and Makarov�?'s ''The Angel Cried'', are still sung in many churches in Japan.  [[Image: NicolaidoConse-Choir.jpg|thumb|right|250pxl|Nicolai-do Reconsecration, 15 Dec 1929 - Cathedral Choir in procession under Victor Pokrovsky - director]]The hard work of these early years came together in the singing at the re-[[consecration]] ceremony for the rebuilt Holy Resurrection Cathedral on [[December 15]], 1929. Afterwards Metropolitan Sergius praised him: "Victor Alexandrovich Pokrovsky, a great choir director who has done hard work since 1924. His name will be kept in the history of music in Japan. Our choir[s] are not only good singers but artistic and full of spirit." (''Tokyo Holy Resurrection Cathedral and the Earthquake'', by Metr. Sergius.) ==External link==Orthodox Church Singing in Japan [] == Source ==Maria Junko Matsushima: ''An Russian Emigre Church Musician - Victor Pokrovsky, his Life and Music: Kazan, Manchuria, Tokyo, America'', PSALM Notes, March 2005. [[Category:Featured Articles]][[Category:Hymnographers]][[Category:Missionaries]]

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