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Vladimir (Sabodan) of Kiev

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His Beatitude '''Metropolitan Vladimir''' ('''Volodymyr''' (in the world , secular name '''Viktor Markianovich Sabodan''') is the Metropolitan of Kiev and all Ukraine and Primate of the [[Church of Ukraine|Ukrainian Orthodox Church]].  He was born in the Khmelnytskyi region of Ukraine on [[November 23]] ([[November 10]] in the [[Julian Calendar|Old Calendar]]), 1935, to a family of peasants. He currently lives in the [[Monastery of the Kiev Caves|Kiev Pechersk Pechery Lavra]] and is the [[Lavra]]'s [[Archimandrite]].[[Image:Vladkiev.jpg|thumb|right|His Beatitude Metropolitan Volodymyr]]
After the young Viktor Sabodan graduated from secondary school in Eastern Ukraine, he then proceeded straight to the Odessa Theological Seminary. Following that, Viktor went onto the St. Petersburg Theological Academy and graduated from the Academy with the degree of "Candidate of Theology." On [[June 14]], 1962 he was [[ordination|ordained]] to the [[Deacon|Holy Diaconate]] and the following day to the [[Presbyter|Holy Priesthood]]. In August of that year he was [[tonsure]]d a [[monk]], taking the name Volodymyr (Vladimir) in honour of the Holy Equal-to-the-Apostles Great Prince [[Vladimir of Kiev|Vladimir]], Baptiser of Rus' (modern day Ukraine and Russia).
In 1962 he was sent to teach at the Odessa Theological Seminary, and in 1965 he completed the post-graduate course at the [[Moscow Theological Academy and Seminary|Moscow Theological Academy]]. Following his graduation he was appointed [[Rector]] of the Odessa Theological Seminary and elevated to the rank of [[archimandrite]].
On [[July 9]], 1966 Archimandrite Vladimir was consecrated to the [[bishop|episcopacy]] with the title of Bishop of Zvenigirod by His Eminence Metropolitan Krutitski and Kolomenski Pimen, who later became the [[patriarch]]Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia. In 1992, after Metropolitan [[Filaret (Denysenko) of Kiev]] was defrocked, the Kharkiv Sobor elected Volodymyr Vladimir as Metropolitan of Kiev and all Ukraine and as primate of the newly minted, autonomous church.
* [ Metropolitan Volodymyr of Kiev]* [ Metropolitan Volodymyr of Kiev (UOC official site)]  {{start box}}{{succession|before=Vladimir (Kotlyarov)|title=Bishop of Zvenigorod, Vicar of the Diocese of Moscow|years=July 9, 1966 - November 28, 1968|after=[[Anatoly (Kuznetsov) of Kerch|Anatoly (Kuznetsov)]]}} {{succession|before=Theodosius (Dykun)|title=Bishop of Pereyaslav-Khmelnitsky, Vicar of the Diocese of Kyiv|years=November 28, 1968 - March 20, 1969|after=Sawa (Babinets)}} {{succession|before=Nestor (Tugay)|title=Bishop of Chernigov and Nizhyn|years=March 20, 1969 - April 18, 1973|after=Anthony (Vakarik)}} {{succession|before=[[Philaret (Vakhromeyev) of Minsk|Philaret (Vakhromeyev)]]|title=Bishop of [[w:Dmitrov|Dmitrov]], Rector of the [[Moscow Theological Academy and Seminary|Moscow Theological Academy]]|years=April 18, 1973 - July 16, 1982|after=Alexander (Timofeev)}} {{succession|before=Joasaph (Ovsyannikov)|title=Metropolitan of Rostov and Novocherkassk|years=July 16, 1982 - May 27, 1992|after=Vladimir (Kotlyarov)}} {{succession|before=Sergei (Petrov)|title=7th Administrative Director of the Moscow Patriarchate|years=December 30, 1987 - July 17, 1996|after=Sergei (Fomin)}} {{succession|before=[[Filaret (Denysenko) of Kiev|Filaret (Denysenko)]]|title=[[List of Metropolitans of Kiev|Metropolitan of Kiev and all Ukraine]]|years= May 27, 1992 - Present |after=—}}{{end box}}
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