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Hellenic College (Brookline, Massachusetts)

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'''Hellenic College''' is a four year liberal arts college that is affiliated with the [[Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America]]. The college provides an accredited four year undergraduate education centered on Orthodox Christian values. The college is co-located with the [[Holy Cross Greek Orthodox School of Theology ]] in Brookline, Massachusetts.
Hellenic College is governed by the Board of Trustees of the Hellenic College Corporation. The Corporation and Board are chaired by the [[Primate ]] of the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America, currently [[Archbishop ]] [[Demetriosof America|Demetrios]].
The college confers the degree of Bachelor of Arts upon students who have successfully completed courses of study that consists of credits in classes in general education, human development, religious studies, Classics, elementary education, and liberal studies totaling 129 credits, The undergraduate program is grounded in Orthodox Christian values. The students at the college also have access to the Archbishop [[Iakovas of America|Iakovas]] Library and Learning Resource Center also located on the campus.
The college is accredited by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges, Inc.

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