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Theognostus the Greek

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Our father among saints the [[saint]]s '''Theognostus the Greek''' was [[Metropolitan]] of Kiev, Moscow and all [[Church of Russia|Russia]]. He succeeded St [[Peter of Moscow|Peter]] ([[August 25]] and [[December 21]]) as Metropolitan, holding this office from 1327 until 1353. It was through his influence that the Grand Prince Simeon sent money to the Byzantine Emperor John Cantacuzene for repairs to the Great Church of [[Hagia Sophia (Constantinople)|Hagia Sophia]]. He is remembered by the Church on [[March 14]].
Saint Theognostus was born in [[Constantinople]] and later in his life chose Moscow as his primary place of dwelling.
It was his lot to reconcile Novgorod with the Prince prince of Moscow in times of their mutual animosity. St. Theognostus managed to save all of the Russian churchschurch' s valuables and gave up all his personal property after he had refused to collect tribute from the churches in favor of [[church]]es to give to the Mongols. He was tortured by the Tatars for such his audacity, but never gave in. It was the Khan khan who finally gave up and confirmed the existing privileges of the Church. After a fire swept through Moscow, Theognostus started to restore the churches despite the fact that he had had nothing left in his possession.
In 1353, feeling that his days were numbered, Theognostus appointed [[Alexis of Moscow|Alexis]] ([[Bishop]] of Vladimir) his successor.

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