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Talk:Russian Orthodox Autonomous Church

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Over 300 parishes?
: On another note, it is illegal to import material from other websites without a release of that material by its copyright owner. The text that was being used by [[User:Grivakos|Grivakos]] to be found [ here]. &mdash;[[User:ASDamick|<font size="3.5" color="green" face="Adobe Garamond Pro, Garamond, Georgia, Times New Roman">Fr. Andrew</font>]] <sup>[[User_talk:ASDamick|<font color="red">talk</font>]]</sup> <small>[[Special:Contributions/ASDamick|<font color="black">contribs</font>]]</small> 09:21, April 3, 2007 (PDT)
== Over 300 parishes? ==
Where do you get the figure of there being over 300 parishes? How many priests are there in ROAC? How many laity, roughly. [[User:Frjohnwhiteford|Frjohnwhiteford]] 17:44, April 11, 2007 (PDT)

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