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Arsenius IV (Jovanovic-Sakabenta) of Pec

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{{english}}His Holiness Arsenije '''Arsenius IV (Jovanović Šakabenda -Šakabenta) of Pec''' was the Serbian [[Patriarch ]] from 1725 to 1737, and later metropolitan [[Metropolitan]] of Krušedol from 1737-to 1748. Altough , although he was considering considered himself Patriarch until his death.
== Metropolitan of Novi Pazar Life==We only knew that he was born Only Arsenius's date of birth, 1698, is known. He had a younger brother , Andrija , who was a [[priest ]] and one a sister who maried prince married Prince Atanasije Rašković. Arsenije was consecrated Bishop [[bishop]] in 1722 at a very young 1722age. He was apointed appointed Metropolitan of Novi Pazar and succesor of was the successor to Patriarch Mojsije. Patriarch Patr. Mojsije enthroned Arsenije Arsenius himself on [[February 18]]/[[February 29|29 ]] in 1725.
== Patriarch ==Arsenije Arsenius continued with politics the policies of his predccesorspredecessors. He was traveling a lot traveled extensively and wasnegotiating negotiated with the Austrians in order to liberate his people from TurksTurkish rule. When turkishthe Turkish-austrian Austrian war broke out , the Serbs rebelled against Turks. Serbian rebels captured some towns and fortresses. Turks wanted to capture and kill patriarch Patr. Arsenius, but he escaped. After the Austrians were defeated Patriarch , Patr. Arsenius escaped for to Austria with a lot of peoplemany refugees. Afther After the peace treaty was signed the Turks recaptured retained Belgrade Vylayet. and the Grand Porta apointed appointed a new patriarch in Peć , Joanikije III Karadža, a Greek from Constantinople.
== In Austro-Hungary ==Austrian governmant recognised Arsenije continued to recognized Arsenius as the patriarch and gave him administration of the Karlovci Metropolitanate, a position in which he had difficulties maintaining Serbian privileges. He had a lot troubles to save serbian privilegsPatr. Patriarch Arsenije Arsenius died on [[January 7]]/[[January 18|18 ]] 1748 in Karlovci.
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