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List of parishes in New South Wales

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Due to the large amount of churches in Sydney, the churches are grouped according to postcode.
===Sydney, 16''xx''===
*Greek Orthodox Parish of St Therapon, Westfield<!--, 1635-->. Language: Greek.
===Sydney, 20''xx''===
*Greek Orthodox Parish of St Sofia and Three Daughters, Taylor Square. Language: Greek.
*Greek Orthodox Parish of St Spyridon, Kingsford. Language: Greek.
*Greek Orthodox Parish of St Therapon, Pymble. Rector: Rev. Fr Stavros Karvelas. Language: Greek & English.
*Russian Orthodox Church of St Vladimir (ROCOR), Centennial Park. Priests: Rev. Fr. Daniel Metlenko, Rev. Fr Alexander Korzhenevsky, with Dcn Christopher Henderson. Language: Slavonic.
*Greek Orthodox Parish-Community of St Demetrius, St Marys, 2760. Language: Greek.
*Serbian Orthodox Church of Archdeacon Stefan, Liverpool. Priest: Srboljub Miletic, Staresina Hrama; Parish Priest: Fr Miodrag Peric. Language: Slavonic.
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