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Arsenius III (Carnojevic) of Pec

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His Eminence '''Arsenije III Crnojević''' (also ''Arsenius''; Serbian: '''Аесеније III Црнојевић''') was the [[Patriarch]] of Peć (1672-1691). He was one of the most significant figures of Serbian national and Church history. He was also the first [[autonomous]] Metropolitans of the Serbian people in Austria-Hungary (1690-1706).
He was born in Cetinje, c. 1633. He was a member of a minor branch of the famous Crnojevići noble family. In the past his surname has been written and pronounced ''Čarnojević'', from Russian use.
Arsenije came to Peć as a boy and later was [[tonsure]]d, and [[ordination|ordain]]ed [[deacon]] and [[priest]]. In his early years he was elected [[archimandrite]] of Peć Monastery in 1665. When Patriarch [[Maximus I of Pec|Maksim]] suffered a stroke, Arsenije was elected for [[Metropolitan]] of Hvosno and coadjutor of the patriarch. He was [[Consecration of a bishop|consecrated]] bishop by the metropolitans of a patriarchal [[synod]] on the [[Feast]] of the [[Ascension]], 1669. In the same year, he visited Dečani Monastery in the patriarch's name. When it was clear that patriarch's condition would not improve, Arsenije was elected patriarch in 1672, probably between [[Easter]] and Ascension.
== Patriarch ==

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