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Arsenius IV (Jovanovic-Sakabenta) of Pec

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{{english}His Holiness Arsenije IV Jovanović Šakabenda was Serbian Patriarch from 1725 to 1737, and later metropolitan of Krušedol 1737-1748. Altough he was considering himself Patriarch until death. 
== Metropolitan of Novi Pazar ==
We only knew that he was born 1698. He had younger brother Andrija who was priest and one sister who maried prince Atanasije Rašković. Arsenije was consecrated Bishop very young 1722. He was apointed Metropolitan of Novi Pazar and succesor of Patriarch Mojsije. Patriarch Mojsije enthroned Arsenije himself February 18/29 1725.
== Patriarch ==
Arsenije continued with politics of his predccesors. He was traveling a lot and wasnegotiating with Austrians in order to liberate his people from Turks. When turkish-austrian war broke out Serbs rebelled against Turks. Serbian rebels captured some towns and fortresses. Turks wanted to kill patriarch but he escaped. After Austrians were defeated Patriarch escaped for Austria with a lot of people. Afther peace treaty Turks recaptured Belgrade Vylayet. Grand Porta apointed new patriarch in Peć Joanikije III Karadža, Greek from Constantinople.
== In Austro-Hungary ==
Austrian governmant recognised Arsenije patriarch and gave him administration of Karlovci Metropolitanate. He had a lot troubles to save serbian privilegs. Patriarch Arsenije died January 7/18 1748 in Karlovci.

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