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Joanicius I of Peć

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Our father among the [[saint]]s Joanikije or Joanicius (Serbian: '''Свети Јоаникије I, архиепископ српски''') was archibishop of Serbia from 1272 to 1276. His feat day is [[May 28]] in Julian Calendar.
St. Joanicius was born in pious family. As joung man he gon for Mt. Athos He was disciple of St. [[Sava II of Pec|Sava II]]. He acompained his teacher in Holy Land. Joanicius was [[ordain]]ed [[deacon]] and [[presbyter]] in Jerusalem. After returning to Mt. Athos Joanicius was elected an econom of Hilandar Monastery, and later an [[igumen]]. He came back in Sebia and was elected [[archimandrite]] of Studenica Monastery. St Joanicius was elected [[archibishop]] of Serbia 1272. He retired 1276, after king Stefan Uroš I was forced to abdicate, by his son Stefan Dragutin. St. Joanicius died [[May 28]] 1279. St. Queen Jelena, wife of King Stefan Uroš I, translated his relics in Sopoćani monastery, his housband's foundation 1282. St. Joanicius was described as man full of virtues. He was later glorified, leaving behind his incorrupt relics.
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