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Nikodim (Milas) of Dalmatia

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'''Nikodim (Milaš) of Dalmatia''' (''in Serbian'':'''Никодим''' ('''Милаш''') '''епископ далматински''', [[April 4]], 1845 - [[April 2]], 1915) was the Serbian orthodox Orthodox Bishop of Dalmatia from 1890 to 1912. He was also one of the gratest greatest Orthodox canonist in XIX nineteenth century and author of many books from about canon and church law.
Nikodim was born in Šibenik as Nikola Milaš. Family The family of his father , Trifun , came in to Dalmatia from Duvno (Bosnia). His mather mother Maria was Italian, who embraced Orthodoxy before she married Trifun.
He attented attended elementary school in franciscan a Franciscan [[monastery]], but he was taking took lessons in orthodoxy in the Bovan's School. Nikola graduated from the Jesuit Gimnasium Gymnasium in Zadar and Serbian Orthodox Theological School in Sremski Karlovci in 1866. He gone to continued his education in Russia in 1867. and obtained There he was granted a Master degree from in canon law in Kiyiv at the Kiev Orthodox Theological Academy in 1871 (. His theme thesis was:''Nomocanon of Patriarch Photius'').
After coming back returning to Dalmatia, Nikola was apointed appointed professor of Theological Orthodox Institute in Zadar, by Bishop Stefan (Knežević)in the Theological Orthodox Institute in Zadar. Next The next year he was appointed [[rector ]] of the Institute. Next The following year, professor Professor Milaš published a study in wich which he crisited intefiering critized the inteference of the Austro-Hungarian governmant in Life life of the Serbian Church. Professor Nikola Milaš was tonsured on the [[Forefeast]] of Nativity 1873. He was given [[monastic]] name Nikodim. He was ordined [[deacon]] on [[Nativity]]. Two years later Dn. Nikodim was ordained [[presbyter]]. He was raised [[Archimandrite]] 1880. Under his rule Theoogical Institute in Zadar became one of the best orthodox schools.
Fr. Nikodim Professor Nikola Milaš was in corespondence with [[tonsure]]d on the greatest canonist [[Forefeast]] of Nativity 1873. He was given the Orthodox and Roman Catholic church[[monasticism|monastic]] name Nikodim. He was fluent in German, Italian, Russian, Greek and Latin[[ordination|ordained]] [[deacon]] on [[Nativity of Our Lord|Nativity]]. Two years later Dn. Nikodim was ordained [[presbyter]]. After publishing new study ''Principles of jurisdiction in Orthodox Church '' in wich he again critised authorities he He was forced raised to renounce the rank [[archimandrite]] in 1880. Under his funcion 1885rule the Theological Institute in Zadar became one of the best orthodox schools.
Fr. Nikodim corresponded with the greatest canonists of the Orthodox and Roman Catholic church at the time. He was fluent in German, Italian, Russian, Greek, and Latin. After publishing a new study, ''Principles of jurisdiction in Orthodox Church,'' in which he again critized authorities he was forced to leave his position at the institute in 1885.  Archimandrite Nikodim spent two years in Belgrade as [[rector ]] of Belgrade Seminary , from 1886-to 1887. He came back in returned to Zadar where he finaly finally published his most importnant important book , ''Church and Canon Law''. This book is was his life work. It Even today it is even today in use used in theological studies. In the same year he published other another significant book , ''Roman Catholic Propaganda among Orthodox Dalmatians, it's foundation and rules today''.
Fr. Nikodim Milaš was elected Bishop of Dalmatia, on [[July 10]], 1890 and consecrated on [[September 16]]. During his tenure he was forced to struggle with agresive aggressive Roman Catholic proselytism and with anti-orthodox autorithiesauthorities. He wrote once: " In AustiaAustria, there is a rule since 1868. that Orthodoxy have has the same position as all other confessions in state. But the truth is that The the Church (Orthodox) was just tolerated."
The reason that Bp. Nikodim wrote his book "Ortodoxy Orthodoxy in Dalmatia" was to answer a papal encyiclcal, in wich which the Pope apealed appealed for union. Greek-Catholic Bishop of Krizevci wrote: "Nobady Nobody hates Union as mach much as Orthodox Dalmatians"
Bp. Nikodim refused elevation on to the [[see ]] of Belgrade and later of Sarajevo, because he was not elected acording according to canon law.
Under constant preasure of pressure from civil authoriites and othe enimiesother enemies, Bp. Nikodim was forced to retire on [[December 21]] 1911. His renociation retirement was accepted on [[January 19]], 1912.
He moved to Dubrovnik. Kiyiv Kiev Orthodox Theological Academy awarded Bishop Bp. Nikodim an Honorary Doctorate of Divinity and also proclaimed him it's own honorary Membermember. Bp. Bishop Nikodim died on [[April 2]] 1915. Only The only copy of his new book:''The Church an and the State in Austro-Hungarian Empire'' disapearedhas disappeared.
*''"Historical-Canonical view on establishmant of Serbo-Romanian [[Metropolis ]] of Bukovina and Dalmatia"''(1873)
*''"Clerical dignities in the Orthodox Church"'' 1879;
*''"Codex canonum ecclesiae africane"'' (1881);
*''"Das Synodal-Statut der orth. Oriental Metropolie der Bukowina i Dalmatien mit Erläuterungen"'' (1885),
*''"orthodox Church and Canon Law"'' in six volumes (first edition 1890; second revised edition 1890, translated in Russian 1897, in German 1897, in Bulgarian 1903);
*''"Roman Catholic Propaganda, it's foundation and rules today"'' (1889;translated in Russian 1889, in Bulgarian 1890)
*''"Orthodoxy in Dalmatia"'' historical view (1901);
*''"Question of Eastern Church and task of Austria in it "'' (1889;Next year translated in Romanian and German)
*''"Principles of jurisdiction in Orthodox Church" ''
*''"Orthodox Monasticism"'' Mostar 1902;
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