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The '''Prophetologion''' (Slavonic: ''Paremijnik'') is a text that contains the [[Old Testament ]] [[Lectionary]] readings appointed at [[Vespers, ]] and at other services during the Church year. Unfortunately, there has not been an edition of this text published in English. Old Testament readings are typically taken from the Menaion, or other texts that contain these readings. There have also been texts containing the Lenten [[Lent]]en Lectionary which have been published in English. One Although it is not a Prophetologion, one classic text that contains the most commonly used portions of the entire lectionary Lectionary is [ "Divine Prayers and Services of the Catholic Orthodox Church of Christ", by Fr. Seraphim Nassar] -- — commonly known as "The Nassar Five-Pounder." == See Also ==
== Prophetolgions in English ==
*There is a very well done [ Prophetolgion by Reader Peter Gardner], which uses the Boston Psalter for prokimena, and traditional English for the readings.
*In 2012, Bishop [[Demetri (Khoury) of Jableh]] of the Antiochian Archdiocese produced a Prophetologion [] which is freely available as a download.
*Archimandrite Ephrem (Lash)has produced an online Prophetologion [], translating the Old Testament texts from the [[Septuagint]].
== See also ==
*[[Liturgical books]]
== External Linkslinks==*[ Prophetologion (Bishop Demtri (Khoury)]
*[ Lenten Lectionary]
*[ Prophetologion (Arch. Ephrem (Lash))]
*[ Practical Tips on How To Build a Liturgical Library]
*[ Prophetolgion by Reader Peter Gardner]
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