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All-Night Vigil

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An '''All Night Vigil''' (Greek: ''Agrypnia'' (which means literally, "without sleeping"; Slavonic: ''Vsenoshnoe Bdenie'') usually consists of [[Vespers]], [[Orthros]], and the First [[Divine LiturgyHour]] being celebrated in sequence one immediately following the other. Such a service takes place in the late evening prior to a -- though on certain feasts, it consists of Great [[feast dayCompline]], usually a Orthros, and the First Hour. In more ancient practice, an All Night Vigil was truly done All-night, and ended with the the [[Great Feasts|Great Feast DayDivine Liturgy]] being celebrated as sunrise -- this is still the practice on Mt. Athos and in some places in Russia and lasts until the early morning hourselsewhere. In the [[parish]]es, Vigils are less strenuous than those conducted in the [[monastery|monasteries]], but the structure remains the same. The Vespers usually often contains a [[litia]] with the blessing of the bread-- this is always the case, on Great Feasts. Between The differences between the more rigorous practice, and general parish practice are the later contains some abbreviations, and the Vespers former is usually chanted to slower melodies, and also includes additional readings that are done at certain places in the Orthrosservice. Also, a short [[pericope]] the less rigorous practice is read detailing to stop the vigil after the first hour, and then allow people to get some sleep... and then to resume the Third and Sixth hours the following morning, followed immediately by the liturgy. In the nature of more rigorous practice, the feasthours continue with such a break.  == External Links ==*[ The All-Night Vigil, as a Reader Service] 

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