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Paisius and Habakkuk

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The holy, glorious and right-victorious hieromartyrs '''Paisius''' (Пајсије) and '''Habakkuk''' (Авакум) were [[monk]]s at the Tavna [[Monastery]] near Čačak in Serbia. Paisius was an [[igumen]], and Habakkuk a [[hierodeacon]]. Abacuk Habakkuk arrived from Gomionica Moštanica Monastery which was near Banja Luka.
As Christians, both were impaled on stakes by the Turks on the Kalemegdan in Belgrade on [[December 17]], 1814. Paisius carried his stake through the streets of Belgrade while the courageous Abacuk sang. When Habakkuk's mother begged him with tears to embrace Islam in order to save his life, this wonderful soldier of Christ replied to her:
:Today for the Name of Christ."
Even Turks were impressed by his attitude. Turkish governor ordered torturers to kill Abacuk Habakkuk painlessly. Тheir feast day is [[December 17]]/[[December 30|30]].
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