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Sava of Gornji Karlovac

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At the beginning of World War II, in 1941, he refused a proposal - given to him by the Italian occupational forces - to leave the [[diocese]] and go to Belgrade. He was arrested on [[July 17]], 1941, and confined, together with three other Serbian priests and thirteen eminent Serbs, into a stable of an Ustasa Josip Tomljenović in Plasko. After awful tortures, the Ustase chained Bishop Sava and the priests Bogoljub Gaković, Đuro Stojanović and Stanislav Nasadilo, and took them to Gospic on [[July 19]]. They were tortured there till the middle of August, when Bishop Sava was taken, together with 2000 Serbs in the direction of Velebit Mountain. Somewhere on this mountain he drained the cup of [[martyr]] death together with thousands of the Orthodox Serbs. The site where Bishop Sava died is still unknown.
== Canonisation Canonization ==
At the regular session of the Holy Assembly of Bishops of the Serbian Orthodox Church, in 1998, Bishop Sava was canonized and entered into the List of the Names of the Serbian Church [[Saint]]s as [[hieromartyr]].

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