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Agatha of Palermo

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[[Image:Agata-martyr.jpg|300px|right|Agatha of Sicily]]
The holy [[Martyr]] '''Agatha''' ([[feastday]]: [[February 5]]) came from the city of Panormos (today called Palermo) on the island of Sicily. She shined with bodily beauty (which was not damaged by the ravages of time) and spiritual fairness, but was also full of riches and material goods. She lived during the reign of the Emperor Decius in 251. Because she was a Christian, she was handed over to the governor, Cutianus. First she was delivered to another unfaithful woman, called Aphrodisia, in order to be turned away from [[Christ]]'s holy faith by her exhortations. But the [[saint]] firmly kept her piety, desiring to suffer martyrdom rather than deny Christ. So they beat her heavily and cut off her breasts, but she was restored to health by the [[Apostle Peter]], who appeared to her in prison. In later Western art, Agatha is often depicted holding up her breasts on a platter. Then they dragged her on bricks and burnt her badly. Next, they put her in prison and, while she was there, she commended her soul to the hands of God.
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