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Polycarp (Moruşca) of Detroit

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His Grace the Right Reverend Bishop '''Polycarp (Morusca) of Detroit''' was the first ruling [[Bishop]] of the [[Romanian Orthodox Episcopate of America (OCA)|Romanian Orthodox Episcopate of America]]. He healed the disunity among the Romanian Orthodox in the United States and established an enduring base for a united episcopate. Caught in the politics of World War II and its aftermath during a planned visit to Romania in 1939, he was not able to return to the United States.
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[[Romanian Orthodox Episcopate of Archdiocese in America (OCA)and Canada]] 
*Constance J. Tarasar, ''Orthodox America 1794-1976 Development of the Orthodox Church in America'' , Syosett, New York, The Orthodox Church in America, 1975
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