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Mstyslav (Skrypnyk) of Kiev

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rv -- "Volhynia" is the most common English spelling.
Following the 1917 Russian Revolution Skrypnyk became a diplomatic courier for the army of the first Ukrainian state in the modern history, the Ukrainian People's Republic. He then served as first sergeant for special missions for Petlura, his famous uncle.
In the early 1920's he was interned by Poland to an internment camp in Kalisz. Later, he briefly settled in Volhynia but had to leave under the pressure of the Polish authorities. He then moved to Galicia and became an activist for the Ukrainian movement in Poland which controlled the enthnically Ukrainian territories of Galicia and Volhynia between the world wars. Following his attendance of the Warsaw School of Political Sciences he was elected in 1930 to the Polish Sejm from the Ukrainian population of VolhynVolhynia. Serving in Sejm until 1939 Skrypnyk attained the reputation of the defender of the Ukrainian minority rights in Poland, especially of the Orthodox Faith in the predominantly Orthodox Volhynia against the assimilationist policies of Polish authorities.
In the beginning of the Second World War, the Ukrainian life in some Nazi-occupied territories of Poland initially experienced a significant degree of revival [1] as the Nazi policies played with pitting the ethnical groups with historically complicated relationship against each other, giving an upper hand to Poles or Ukrainians in different regions as the Nazis saw fit.
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