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Singular vs. plural article names
I think we need to watch the context of the title. Graet Feasts is a good example. While it would be proper to use the singular in, for example, the ''Feast of the Nativity of Our Lord'' as a title, but making the title of the article of ''Great Feasts'' that discusses all of them as ''Great Feast'' seems very odd.[[User:Wsk|Wsk]] 06:35, January 5, 2007 (PST)
:I would certainly argue against using the singular when multiples are being discussed. To use the above examples: the Hours (as a service) are referred to in the plural, and in the singular when speaking about a specific (e.g. First Hour), and the article talks about multiple services which have the same structure (hence the plural); the Great Feasts, and their article, are similar. &mdash; edited by [[User:Pistevo|<font color="green">Pιs</font><font color="gold">τévο</font>]] <sup>''[[User talk:Pistevo|<font color="blue">talk</font>]]'' ''[[User talk:Pistevo/dev/null|<font color="red">complaints</font>]]''</sup> at 06:47, January 11, 2007 (PST)
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