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Diocese of Mexico (OCA)

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The [[exarchate]] had its origins in the Mexican National Catholic Church that was a Mexican reactionary movement away from the colonialist Spanish [[Roman Catholic Church]]. The Mexican [[church]] was led by [[Bishop]] [[Jose (Cortes y Olmos) of Mexico City]]. Leading his church to Orthodox Christianity, he petitioned the [[Holy Synod]] of Bishops of the Orthodox Church in America, in 1971, for acceptance into the Orthodox Church. The church, of some 10,000 persons, was accepted as an exarchate by the Holy Synod in 1972, and Bp. Jose was consecrated as its first bishop. After Bp. Jose's death the diocese remained without an administrator until the consecration of [[Archimandrite]] [[Alejo (Pacheco-Vera) of Mexico City|Alejo (Pacheco-Vera)]] as the new Administrator/Bishop of Mexico City on [[May 28]], 2005 (see [[Timeline of Orthodoxy in America]]).
The current Exarch of Mexico is [[Archbishop]] [[Dmitri (Royster) of Dallas|Dmitri (Royster)]], who (also is the Archbishop of the [[Diocese of the South (OCA)|Diocese of the South]]), who played an active part in the acceptance of Bp. Jose's group into Orthodoxy and the establishment of the exarchate.
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