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Orthodox Church in America

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Diocesan bishops: wikify
===Diocesan bishops===
* Most Blessed [[Herman (Swaiko) of Washington and New York|Herman (Swaiko)]], Archbishop of [[Diocese of Washington and New York (OCA)|Washington and New York]], Metropolitan of All America and Canada, [[locum tenens]] of the [[Diocese of the West (OCA)|Diocese of the West]]
* Most Reverend [[Kyrill (Yonchev) of Pittsburgh|Kyrill (Yonchev)]], Archbishop of Pittsburgh and Western Pennsylvania and the [[Bulgarian Diocese(OCA)|Bulgarian Diocese]]
* Most Reverend [[Dmitri (Royster) of Dallas|Dmitri (Royster)]], Archbishop of Dallas and the [[Diocese of the South (OCA)|South]], Exarch of [[Exarchate of Mexico (OCA)|Mexico]]
* Most Reverend [[Nathaniel (Popp) of Detroit|Nathaniel (Popp)]], Archbishop of Detroit and the [[Romanian Orthodox Episcopate of America (OCA)|Romanian Episcopate]]

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