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Archdiocese of Canada

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[[Image:OCA Archdiocese of Canada.png|thumb|Visual representation of the Archdiocese of Canada]]

The '''Orthodox Church in America Archdiocese of Canada''' is an [[diocese|archdiocese]] of the [[Orthodox Church in America]] (OCA). Its territory includes [[parish]]es, [[Monasticism|monasteries]], and missions located in eight provinces and territories in Canada – Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba, Nova Scotia, Ontario, Quebec, Saskatchewan, and Yukon. The diocesan center is located in Spencerville, Ontario.

The current [[Bishop]] of Ottawa and Canada is the Right Reverend [[Seraphim (Storheim) of Ottawa|Seraphim (Storheim)]]. He was consecrated auxiliary bishop of Edmonton in 1987, and became ruling bishop of the archdiocese in 1990.

== Deaneries ==

The current [[Deanery|deaneries]] of the Archdiocese of Canada are:

* Alberta Deanery
* British Columbia Deanery
* Manitoba Deanery
* Ontario Deanery
* Quebec Deanery
* Saskatchewan Deanery

== External links ==

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