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St. Anne's Skete (Athos)

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'''St. Anne's Skete''' (or, less commonly, ''The Major Skete of St. Anne's'') is one of four sketes [[skete]]s attached to the [[Great Lavra (Athos)|Great Lavra]] of [[Mount Athos]]. It is located near the cape of Mt . Athos, near [[Little St. Anne's Skete (Athos)|Little St. Anne's Skete]]. St Anne's Skete has the distinction of being the largest and oldest skete of Mt . Athos, and was founded to preserve the left foot of [[Anna|St Anne]], the Mother of the [[Theotokos]].
There are 51 brotherhood houses at St . Anne's Skete, inhabited by 85 monks[[monk]]s. The houses each have different handicrafts - some fishing, some gardening, others [[iconography]], wood carving, miniature art or [[incense]]. The main [[church ]] was built and frescoed in 1754, and when it was dedicated to St Anna, and . Anne. The skete holds the [[relics ]] of several saintly martyrs [[martyr]]s of the Church.
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*[[St. John the Baptist Skete (Athos)|St. John the Baptist Skete]], attached to the Great Lavra.
*[[Kavsokalyvia Kafsokalyvia Skete (Athos)|Kavsokalyvia Skete]], attached to the Great Lavra.*[[Little St. Anne's Skete (Athos)|Little St. Anne's Skete]], attached to the Great Lavra.*[[Gerasimos (Papadopoulos) of Abydos|Gerasimos of Abydos]], on Mt . Athos between 1928 and 1934, lived at St . Anne's Skete and was tonsured [[tonsure]]d by Father [[Chrysostomos (Kartsonas)]].
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*[ Athos monasteries: The Minor Skete of Saint Anne]
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