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[[Image:John the forerunner head.jpg|100px|John the Forerunner]]
</div>[[Apodosis]] of the [[Feast]] of the Beheading of the [[John the Forerunner|Forerunner]]; [[Saint]]s Alexander, John, and Paul the New, [[Patriarch]]s of Constantinople; Saint Christopher of Palestine; Saint Fantinus the [[Wonder-worker]] of Calabria; [[synaxis]] of the Serbian [[hierarch]]s: Saints Sabbas I, Sabbas II, Arsenius I, Eustathius I, James, Nicodemus and Daniel ([[Archbishop]]s), Ioannicius II, Ephraim II, Spyridon, Macarius, Gabriel I ([[Patriarch]]s), and Gregory ([[Bishop]]); Saint Bryaene of Nisibis; Saint Eulalius, Bishop of Caesarea; Sixteen [[Monk]]-martyrs of Thebes; Six Martyrs of Melitene; Saint Sarmata of the Paradise; [[Hieromartyr]] Felix and Martyrs Fortunatus, Septiminus, and Januarius; Saint Fiacre, [[Hermit]] of Meaux; opening of the [[relics]] of Saint Daniel, prince of Moscow; translation of the relics of Saint [[Alexander Nevsky]]; translation of the relics of Saint Guthlac, [[Hieromonk]] of Crowland; repose of Saint Alexander, [[Abbot]] of Svir

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