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Vladimir of Kiev

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[[Image:Vladimir of Kiev.jpg|right|thumb|200px|St. Vladimir, Grand Prince of Kiev]]
The holy and right-believing '''Vladimir (Svyatoslavich), Baptizer of Kyivan Kievan Rus'''' (958-1015) was the Grand Prince of Kiev when Orthodoxy was introduced into present day Russia and Ukraine. He is also the grandson of [[Olga of Kiev|St. Olga]], and the father of Sts. Boris and Gleb the [[Passion-bearer|Passion-Bearers]]. He is commemorated by the Church on [[July 15]].
St. Vladimir was a devout pagan in his early life. He was a great conqueror who had many wives and erected many pagan statues in the lands that he ruled over.
Taking the word of his envoys, St. Vladimir had himself and his nation [[baptism|baptized]] into the [[Orthodox Church]].
St. Vladimir changed completely after his baptism. He destroyed all the pagan statues that stood in Kyivan Kievan Rus', and replaced them with churches. He also attempted to live in peace as much as possible with his neighbors and had only one wife.
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