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Why Ukrainian info here?
If you're serious about helping us, please [[Special:Userlogin|register]]. Then click on your user name at the top right of the page to create a custom profile page.
AUTONOMOUS UKRAINIAN ORTHODOX CHURCH IN AMERICA==Community Life==Add your photo or browse the [[OrthodoxWiki:User gallery]] to see who's around these pages.
A BRIEF HISTORYSome notes about wiki community living in general can be found at [[UseMod:BarnRaising]] (and [[Wikipedia:Barn raising]])
Apostolic Age: Andrew the Apostle, negotiating the Dnipro River, prophesied that To get a great city would be built upon the site sense of what is now known as Kyiv how we're doing here at OrthodoxWiki, check out [[OrthodoxWiki:Statistics]] and that God would cause many Churches to rise upon the hills of the city[[Special:Statistics]].
cAn [[OrthodoxWiki:Chat|OrthodoxWiki IRC channel]], sponsored by [[User:Joe Rodgers]] is now available for community chat. 860 - Cyrillic alphabet formulated by Greek brothers, Saints Cyril and MethodiusPlease [[User_talk:Joe Rodgers|contact him]] if you have any questions.
955 - Saints Ol’ha & Volodymyr’s grandmother, accepted Orthodox baptism from On Facebook? Join the Greeks, perhaps in Constantinople'''OrthodoxWiki''' group.
988 - Baptism ==Discussion pages==* '''[[OrthodoxWiki:Trapeza]] (The main discussion page, intended to serve as the focal point for community talk)'''* [[OrthodoxWiki:Inventory]] (Taking stock of the inhabitants wiki, optimization discussion, etc.)* [[OrthodoxWiki:Roadmap]] (Plans for the future)* [[OrthodoxWiki:Meta Reflections]] (Discussions about the kind of Rus’project we're engaged in here)* [[OrthodoxWiki:Administrators]] (Sysop to-Ukraine in the Dnipro River by Orthodox clergy from's & general notes for admins)* [[OrthodoxWiki:Categories]] (Organization of articles and categories)* [[OrthodoxWiki:News]] (Updates about what's happening on OrthodoxWiki)* [[OrthodoxWiki:Reference desk]] (Questions and answers about research subjects)* [[Category talk:Featured Articles]] (Nominate or contest a [[:Category:Featured Articles|featured article]])
988-1240 - Many churches ==Notice boards==* [[OrthodoxWiki:Suggestions]] (Suggestion Box for new articles and projects)* [[OrthodoxWiki:Help wanted]] (A place to solicit help for specific articles and projects)* [[OrthodoxWiki:Buzz]] (reverse links and "what they are built and monasteries established, includingsaying" )* [[OrthodoxWiki: the Church of the Tithes, Monastery of the Dormition, Cathedral of St. Sophia, St. Michael’s Monastery.Style Manual (Importing)#Starting_Points|Starting Points]] - for importing Wikipedia articles
1015 ==Community Policies & Guidelines==* [[OrthodoxWiki:Style Manual|Style Manual]]* [[OrthodoxWiki:FAQs]]* [[OrthodoxWiki:Templates]]* [[OrthodoxWiki:Administrators#Spam_Battleplan|Spam Battleplan]]* [[OrthodoxWiki:Mediation]]* [[Help:Contents]]* [[Help:Citing OrthodoxWiki]]* [[Help:InterWiki links]] - How to use interwiki links, with notes on our customizations; and [[Special:Interwiki]] - First saints a list of Ukrainian Church, Ss. Boris & Hlib, are martyred.all interwiki links
1051 - First native Ukrainian'''Please note:''' Users are not allowed to have more than one account. This is not just to forestall funny business, Metropolitan Ilarion, is enthroned as Metropolitan of Kyiv and All Rus’ - head of the Ukrainian Churchbut also to prevent confusion.
1147 - Metropolitan Klym is enthroned as Metropolitan of Kyiv; Ukraine’s canonical dependence upon Constantinople diminishes. Moscow is established ==Copyright and Permissions==Please see [[OrthodoxWiki:Copyrights]] and settled by Prince Yuri Dolgoruky[[Help:Image licenses]].Also, please pay particular attention to the following:
1240 * [[]] - Mongols destroy Kyivan important note on using images from [ OCA. For reasons of safety, the Metropolitans of Kyiv eventually reside in Moscow org]* [[after 1325Help:Image_licenses#Holy_Transfiguration_Monastery].] - using icons from Holy Transfiguration Monastery (Boscobel, WI USA)
1415 - Moscow Church formally separated from Kyivan MetropolitanateFor more general information, please see [[wikipedia:Category:Wikipedia_copyright]]. ==Who's Who==* [[OrthodoxWiki:Patron saint]] (''St. By 1448[[John of Damascus]], Moscow metropolitans bear the pray for us!'')* [[:Category:Sysops]] and [[Special:Listadmins]]* [[Special:Listusers]] ==Newsfeeds for recent pages==[ RSS] and [ Atom]. For new pages: [ “Metropolitan of Moscow=Special:Newpages&feed=rss RSS] and [ Atom]. Many other [[Special:Specialpages|Special pages]] also have newsfeeds available (e.g. "popular pages", "users", "wanted pages", etc.). They're a great way to keep up with what's happening on this site. Category feeds are also now available. Please see [[Help:Newsfeeds]] for more information. ==OrthodoxWiki Images and Link buttons==Please see [[OrthodoxWiki:Link buttons]]==See also==* [[meta:Conflicting_Wikipedia philosophies]]* [[w:Wikipedia:Wikiquette]]* [[w:Category:Wikipedia guidelines]]* [[w:Wikipedia:Assume good faith]] [[Category:OrthodoxWiki]]
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