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[[Image:Theotokos Alexis the Man of VladimirGod.jpg|100px|Our Holy Lady TheotokosSaint Alexis the Man of God.jpg]] [[Image:Patrick of Ireland.jpg|100px|Saint Patrick of Ireland]]</div>[[Venerable ]] [[Alexis the Man of God]], Theosterictus ; [[Saint]] [[Theocteristus the Confessor]]; Saint [[Patrick of Ireland|Patrick]], [[bishop ]] of Armagh and [[Enlightener ]] of Ireland; Venerable [[Macarius of Kalyazin|Macarius]] the [[Abbot]] and [[Wonder-worker]] of Kalyazin; Llinio, [[Abbot]] and founder of Llandinam; Lulach, last Orthodox King of Scotland; Withburgh, Princess of East Anglia, hermitess [[hermit]]ess of East Dereham and founder of a [[convent]]; Martyr Marinus; Monk-martyr [[Paul of Cyprus]]
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