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Orthodox Christian Fellowship

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Over the past four years OCF has had over 350 Orthodox students from all over North America participate in Real Break during their spring break. In 2004 trips were made to [[Project Mexico]], Hogar Rafael Ayau in Guatemala, [[Raphael House]] in San Francisco, Greece and Alaska.
Another effort of the OCF is ''[[''The Basil Leaf]]'']], the official newsletter of the central office. It serves as the main source of communication between the office and all Orthodox students in the country. Specifically, it is a publication that caters to the questions, controversial issues and activities that college-aged Orthodox youth are exposed to in their daily lives and along their journey of faith.
On August 21, 2006, OCF hired Reverend [[Kevin Scherer]] as its first full time Executive Director in the ministry's 30-year history. At the same time, Mr. [[John Stonestreet]] was hired as OCF Chaplain in Charlotte, North Carolina.

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